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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pre-Renovation Tour

Well, we were truly overwhelmed by the turnout, over 400 people showed up to tour. It was suppose to be from 10am to 2pm, but we were there until after 4pm still touring people. It was awesome. Everyone is so excited about it being restored. Ms. Cortez Hicks Lawrence who is 92 years old showed up and had made a booklet for us, her grandfather actually built the house for Mr. Baughman and it was amazing to listen to her stories about her grandfather "Preacher" Hicks when he was building the home for the Baughman's. Several people brought pictures and had stories to tell which is amazing. We truly appreciate every picture and piece of history we can find.


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  1. Kay, I admire you for all the work you are doing on the Edgewood Plantation Home. maybe will visit you soon. Thanks Tommie Laster